The GM6 is a light, portable, semi-automatic 50 caliber BMG bullpup rifle with a unique barrel recoil technology.  This enables the firer to recover more quickly from the effects of the 12,500 ft lbs of energy from the 50 BMG round and keep more rounds on target, resulting in an impressive rate of fire.  Billed as an anti-terrorist weapon, it can stop vehicles in their tracks, and break up light armored formations.  This weapon does up the ante for a squad portable heavy gun.

The Lynx Destroyer

This rifle is soon to hit the streets, and is built by Sero Ltd. in Budapest, Hungary.  They have a line of .50 caliber guns in both BMG and the Russian 50's.  Several sighting methods are available, including standard optics and a head mounted monitor and camera system for the rifle.  The barrel can be withdrawn for transporting, shortening the rifle to 3 ft long.  The magazine holds five rounds, which can be fired in 3 secs.  It is also effective against helicopters, a dismaying thought if the Taliban gets hold of it.