Special Interest Arms is another company smitten by the Enfield bug.  They mainly build conversion kits to adapt Enfield receivers to take the  7.62X39 AK-47 round, the .45 acp round and even  the 45/70 Government round.  Their machine shop in Gardnerville, Nevada, usually runs production in batches, so there is a wait at times for certain products.

SIA's K carbine

Their "K" conversion (as in Kurz) is an Enfield rifle chambered in 7.62X39, a bullet that has the same diameter as the original .303 but much less recoil and uses a mag adapter for the single stack 10 round Romanian AK mags.  Their barrels use the Brewer collar system popular these days for easier installation and are heavier than the standard profile.  If you're handy, you can buy the kit for $350, which includes a new barrel, modified bolt head, magazine adapter and a modified trigger guard.  They can build the kit into your rifle for $150 over the price of the kit.  Extras and customization is available, and a suppressed version can also be had.

SIA's K adapter set

Their .45 version is intriguing, especially where recoil is a real problem for aging shooters, (I'm raising my hand)   and the suppressed version makes backyard shooting easier to get away with as far as nosy neighbors are concerned.  They even make their version of the famous De Lisle Commando carbine used during WW2, a suppressed gun originally made using Thompson submachine gun barrels,  where working the bolt made more noise than shooting the gun.

SIA's DeLisle Carbine

The longest wait is usually for 45/70 guns, as these are limited production models only.  They also sell other accessories such as picatinney scope rails.  Their most expensive gun is a reproduction of the original Gardner gun, at a mere $30k.

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