Middlesex Village Trading Company is a family run outfit that sells repro guns and accessories from the flintlock age.  The business, started in 1993, grew out of a lifestyle of reenacting and the need to support their hobby.  The owner tells of going through 11 pounds of black powder in one season.  They now supply the reenactor community with period correct handmade arms and accessories.

Most of their guns are made in India.  They spent a lot of time tracking down the right gunmakers for the job, and are very happy with their products.  The wood is teak as walnut is prohibitively expensive in India.  Their steel parts are hand forged, and the locks are guaranteed.  The barrels are not proof tested for the US, as there is no such thing here, but have passed proof when imported into the UK.  They provide a service to proof test the guns if desired.   They are located at 623 Meany Road, Charlestown, NH 03603, and the phone is 603 826-5825.

Middlesex Trading Co. Brown Bess