The great wit and wisdom of Winston Churchill is now easier than ever to access.  Twitter has had phenomenal growth over the last few years, and now Winston has an officially sanctioned twitter feed.  Winston's thoughts are under his new username on Twitter, wchurchill2010.  He only has 755 followers so far, but should grow considerably.  

Also an officially sanctioned Iphone app featuring Churchill's wit and wisdom is also available now at the App Store.  As the ad says, "packed with nuggets of wisdom and sparkling with flashes of rapier wit...".  From the battles at Omdurman to the Battle of Britain, Churchill has never been at a loss for words.  You gotta love the guy.

Winston Churchill

Update 8/31/2018: wchurchill2010 seems to be gone now, but Winston is still on twitter, his handle is @ChurchillUP