Some interesting items floating around Ebay in the Uk.  From E. C. Toys and Diecast Collectibles is this presumably lead Tommy with a Vickers gun.. it says it's a set but isn't quite clear what set means in this context. But at £29.95 seems pretty steep.  Nice figure though.

Picture of toy soldier








Then there is a nice Vickers machine gun belt repair tool.  This looks like it was originally built to repair cloth belts. This item comes from World War Wonders and starts at only £45 and has 5 days left.

picture of repair tongs











Next, From Commercehouse is a page from some book with an interesting picture. It looks to be a disabled French armored car surrounded by Germans and the occupants fighting for their  lives. It's the cheapest so far at £2.50 starting bid with four days left.

picture of battle










And Lastly, a Vickers lighter from Ebay seller Jordan9093.  Trench art, made from copper and brass, and as a lighter it works!  Mounted on a shell casing dated 1917, the piece is pretty large at 20.5 cm long (or 8 inches to us American chaps) and already has 10 bids on it.  It is £73.75 so far with 5 days to go.

Vickers Lighter